Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sydney Anglicans have buried the wife in let's see if the hole is big enough to hold the husband?

Lionel Windsor explains what the husband's sacrificial love looks like... but first the qualifier...

Usually, biblical principles will need to be applied in different ways in different contexts. In this case, since every man is different, and every woman is different, and therefore every marriage is different, the application of these principles will be different. Hence it would be a mistake to lay down absolute rules or policies. This discussion is more about godly wisdom, attitudes and desires, which are informed by biblical principles, and which work themselves out in different ways in different circumstances.

Lionel's second qualifier...

Paul is not saying that the husband-wife relationship is parallel to the Christ-church relationship at every point. When you think about it, that would be ludicrous, wouldn’t it? Nowhere does the Bible teach, for example, that all husbands are splendidly holy like Christ, or that only wives need cleansing of sin.

    • Lionel says...marriage is a one flesh relationship.... a Christ-oriented relationship and unlike a wife's love... a husband’s love is Christ-like and involves sacrifice.

What might that mean? It would be unfair to ask you what it would mean without giving some thoughts from my own life. So here’s some of the things it means in my own situation. We’ve just returned from a 3-year stint in the UK, where I was a theological student. Although we’ve been well provided for through generous donors, being in this situation has meant that I haven’t been able to ‘provide’ for my wife the same level of material security and stability that some of our peers enjoy. But that’s OK; our marriage is meant to be Christ-oriented, and we made the decision for me to do this study in order to serve Christ together. At the same time, my constant temptation is to be too absorbed with study. I really like reading and writing and preaching; and if I’m not careful, my wife gets the second-best of my energy and attention. I need to be pro-active in cherishing my wife; not just reactive. That sometimes means I need to say ‘no’ to more opportunities to read and write and preach. How do I actually go at loving my wife? Sometimes I fail; sometimes, by God’s grace, I succeed.

What's so special about all that? You have to give a little theologically (if you're not Phillip Jensen) because every man, woman and marriage is different... and then you compromise to meet your marriage goals....and for that you impose submission on half the population you can feel like a man!  Pleeeease!!

Oh by the way looks to me like your wife is the one doing all the sacrificing... but you probably call that submission! The Theology of submission is written by men and for men ...and then propagated by brainwashed Sydney Anglican women.
I reckon Sydney Anglicans need to get out of their ivory 'St Andrew's Tower' ...and go and help someone... be much better than gamling money on the stock the can win more money they can inflict this submission crap on women in third world countries...the ones who really need liberating...and let's not forget the gays they've helped persecute in Uganda...Oh that's right...I nearly forgot...The Sydney Anglican diocese is all about promoting Matthias Media resources...

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