Monday, September 24, 2012

Kel Richards interviews Phillip Jensen on marriage...and Phillip says...Widows and orphans are disadvantaged without husbands or fathers because no one will provide for them...and that's why he wants to make all women completely dependent on their husbands... so if something goes wrong widows and children can become destitute!

Sydney Anglican, Kel Richards, who is well known as a radio personality, engages in a conversation with Phillip Jensen on the role of men in marriage...that's because focusing on the role of female submission in Sydney Anglican marriages, has recently gone down like a lead balloon !

The interview is the greatest bit of illogical spindoctoring, since the  Sydney Anglican boycott of Lambeth. The conversation tries to camoflague the misogyny that is disguised as Sydney Anglican complementarianism.Kel explains that equal doesn't mean identical...and Phillip adds sameness is not the same as equality!

Yeah Kel...heard that one before...what radio station did you say you're it that Christian one...2CH?

Phillip goes onto explain that the main purpose of marriage is to follow Adam and Eve's lineage, and  procreate,  to build interconnected families that create a society...a bit like Jensen family's takeover of the Sydney Anglican diocese.  Phillip says couples can't make up marriage vows because that's illegal ...but if you do change them, then the Sydney Anglican version of female submission, is the best way to go, because it heightens the role of men! Phillip does point out that wedding vows for a woman beyond child bearing years are alterd to exclude procreation.

Listen Phillip...we're beyond all that procreation can you alter the vows to marry us?
Phillip goes onto tell Kel, that there are two other reasons to get married..and that's so the man, like Adam, has a helper and is not left alone...and Sydney Anglican women like Eve, can fulfil the male's sexual needs, so both are not tempted with sexual immorality.
I agree Phillip...that's why God created Steve here for me!

Phillip explains to Kel, that marriage based on love, puts enormous pressure on a relationship ...and marriage is really about raising Godly children. Phillip explains that couples should stay together, even if they are unhappily married...unless there is domestic violence involved ...and then it's a criminal matter

but make sure you photograph the bruises...just incase no one believes you... when the role of the man is heightened... and you no longer have any autonomy or power in the relationship, or within the church community!

Kel goes on to point out that marriage is reciprocal and not identical ...and the logic just keeps getting better ...when Phillip explains that marriage is asymmetrical...and based on inequality...but Phillip adds ...Sydney Anglican marriage inequality is based on the husband providing, protecting and laying down his life for his wife, so she becomes totally dependent. As Phillip leaders find this approach as domineering, controlling and exercising authority over ...because it removes the woman's personal empowerment, and leaves the her vulnerable... if the husband does turn out to be a louse, or if he does leave her, or dies...but if a widow wasn't left destitute, then Christians like Phillip Jensen wouldn't be able to help anyone, except orphans.

Bill you ever heard Phillip Jensen talk on how, when he was young... he heard that spending time with widows and orphans was the Christian thing to do.Well he couldn't find any he drove the widows in nursing homes mad... but he only liked the nice ones...the unhappy or sick widows...  and the ones not so nice, by his standards...were like  them feminists to Phillip... and that's why Phillip tells all these young Sydney Anglican women how to behave!
Seriously Calam...that man has got some real issues with women...or at least the ones that don't allow him to patronise them.

Phillip concludes his talk by saying...Men need to be part of the marriage and 'man up', so for a man to 'man up' a woman must agree to submit! Phillip says that it is combative for two people to say... "I will treat you like you treat me!"

Now isn't it a shame that so many Sydney Anglican men have taken after Phillip Jensen ...and are completely unable to understand Matthew 7:12...and that's because they are offended if a  woman or a gay person preaches in front of them...sounds like sexism and bigotry to me.! Bill are you sure that Kel fella is on a radio program that extends beyond the world of Sydney Anglicanism?

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