Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Peter Jensen made an appearance on Seven News ...

and spoke about how men like Peter Jensen, need to discriminate against women, so they can feel like 'real men', who are just trying to maintain their identity in the modern world .

Well Sarah. the TV program said... "Outspoken Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen has made more controversial comments; this time blaming feminism for boys not doing well at school.

He also says women who think they're equal to men are the reason blokes are losing their identities"
 shocker like Q and A the other night ... and don't those Sydney Anglicans just love quoting

flawed research that other people won't publish ?

Yes Mary... I wonder if those Sydney Anglicans at Liberty Christian Ministries Inc quote the flawed study of Jones and Yardhouse, as proof that their ex-gay ministry works?...Hmmm guess so...seeing I found this when I clicked on the word 'sexuality' here!

...but Calam...that Peter Jensen fella wants to be shown some respect... all he wants is to use his flawed data, as a way of telling a 15 year old Anglican boy... who tried to commit suicide ...when his lovely Anglican mates, all brainwashed in bigotry, turned on him... that he's not really gay! Isn't it time Peter Jensen shut his mouth and stopped to listen to fact ...instead of manipulating it?

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