Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lionel Windsor wants to know why people are so keen for Jesus to be married?

Well that easy Ennis...everyone wants to know does Mary submit!

No Mary I'll only marry you if you promise to stop hanging around me and the apostles when I'm preaching...and that you agree to limit your activities to baking for me and the boys, eventhough you can't cook...and never speak about God in front of my male friends mates...because my ego is so fragile that the only way I can feel like a man is by creating a heirarchical social order based on gender stereotypes...and to prove your subservient worth ....I expect you to express your agreement to remain submissive to me, as part of our wedding vows...cause there is nothing that you as a female can teach me...eventhough Lionel Windor finally found out the modern meaning of the word 'submit' from a woman ...and why the general community was in uproar!

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  1. Many revisionists believe Jesus had an unhealthy relationship with the "beloved disciple" who rested on his breast at the Last Supper. As a Sydney Anglican, I believe Jesus must have been married to a woman in accordance with the Jensens' Marriage Service. Why else would gay Haydn Sennitt need to marry a submissive female to prove, in Lionel's words, that Haydn and Jesus are normal "pin-up" boys?