Sunday, September 2, 2012

Peter Sherlock Vice-Chancellor of MCD University of Divinity apologises to real flesh-and-blood complementarians who never experience relationship problems!

Peter says...Nonetheless, I owe my readers an apology in relation to the final few paragraphs of my last post.
I argue that the logic of ‘complementarianism’ inevitably leads to the disturbing positions I have described. I recognise, however, that few if any Christians who describe themselves as ‘complementarians’ would or could directly support them.
While I may dislike it, or not wish to acknowledge it, there are real flesh-and-blood human beings who identify as ‘complementarians’. Each and every one of you is made in the image of God and is offered the free and gracious gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. To generalise about you, to bear false witness to you, is to suggest that somehow you are excluded from these great truths and to deny you full humanity and the free will which accompanies it.
I am obliged to say more about my thinking about the gospel and gender, and a fuller post will follow in time.
And one of his readers thinks Peer is being a bit hard on himself by commenting...
  1. Deborah Guess

    ...Second, in your wish to acknowledge ‘flesh-and-blood’ complementarians I hope you will also acknowledge the ‘flesh-and-blood’ women who have been, and continue to be, objectified, raped, beaten, abused, controlled, silenced or diminished: actions which lucidly endorse and express the idea that women should be submissive to men.

Missy... I don't know who you can tell about them beatings and that mental abuse... I mean all them lot are inbred. They're either all related to each other, or they are all brown- nosing each other cause they all work together ...or they don't want to become involved incase they lose their jobs...and all them wives are out and about telling women to be silent and submit...and getting men to speak for them when they write publicly and are criticised! If you say something  ... then they'll reckon your emotionally disturbed because your husband's so influential, and everyone thinks he's so smart and so nice  ...and if you report the abuse to outside authorities then you'll be left alone and an outcast. And it's no good me saying anything cause they'll attack my credibility by calling me a heretic and a dyke cause I'm not married ...I reckon you are going to have to suck it up!  I told you Missy... submission isn't about marrying Prince Charming, who will look after you forever ...Prince Charming often grows into a King with power issues!

I don't know Calam...I reckon the psychology behind having wives pledge a vow of submission will solve all Missy's husband's problems.  It sets the ground rules so she knows that whenever her husband gets upset with her's her fault ...and that's because she hasn't submitted enough and made him angry! And Missy's pledge of silence will make it easier on others ...because we won't feel uncomfortable about having to deal with awkward situations...we can just continue to "get off" on God a bunch of heady teenagers ...because our cult is so superficial ...just like our theology!

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