Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sydney Anglicans follow a gay man as an evangelical leader...but can he teach them love, compassion and empathy?

You'd have more chance of teaching Alan Jones about compassion than you would Phillip Jensen!
 UK Anglican, Vaughn Roberts, who heads The Proclamation Trust, has recently confessed to being same-sex attracted. Unlike Haydn Sennitt, Vaughan has not been healed through Jesus yet and therefore doesn't have a wife. World leader in 'praying the gay away', Haydn Sennitt proclaims...  If there is nothing you can do but pray, then pray for Roberts and other public leaders such as myself with unwanted same-sex attraction who are doing great things for God’s Kingdom, but have the world, Satan and his demons, and even some fellow Christians against them. Attacks against us are relentless and being in public ministry makes us particularly vulnerable to temptation and attack. So please pray and, if you can, encourage Roberts for his courage. It takes a real man to do what he has done this week.
Calam, I thought it took a real man to speak out against the persecution of gays instead of joining forces with a group formed out of bigotry. I find conflicted gays to be very damaging to other people at times, when the effect of the homophobia that they experience in the name of God, internalises, and creates incredible self hate that is projected onto others.

Missy, that Mr Roberts is closely aligned with them Sydney Anglicans .. he's taught Sydney Anglican men, how to be men...he  features heavily on  that  Anglican Church League website...but I notice they haven't published anything about his sexual orientation...he's also linked closely with that other great leader who specialises in same-sex attraction, David Peterson,who teaches at Cornhill Sydney, which is run by The Proclamation Trust...Wouldn't it be funny is all them Proclamation fellas were all suppressing same-sex attraction... as Haydn says... "It all goes to show that one can never ever assume that no-one has this issue, not even well-gifted evangelical leaders, and one can never assume SSA people are not in church fellowship or leadership."

Yep, it's all well and good...just so long as those SSA people don't want equality in marriage! What a shame Haydn's prayers didn't save Roy Clements from his SSA addiction!

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