Friday, September 21, 2012

Wayne Swan says some US Republicans are cranks and crazies...has he looked in his own backyard for the loons?

The Australian Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has delivered a speech labelling some elements of the United States Republican party as "cranks and crazies". And speaking of "cranks and crazies", Russell Powell over at the Sydney Anglican Network Portal, reported as one of his top 5 stories...Same sex marriage voted down. This story was hard to find in that form on many of the news web sites. Journos seemed more intent on generating outrage over Cory Bernardi that the bigger story of the actual vote was buried.

Speaking of Corey he the same fellow who features over at The Global Mail...where Mike Seccombe says...
If You Like Sarah Palin, You’ll Absolutely Love Cory Bernardi
He’s not just a homophobic, Islamophobic, climate-change denying South Australian senator, he’s an ideological entrepreneur, importing the Tea Party’s ‘astroturf’ techniques and now training others in the faux-grassroots campaigns first cultivated by the American far right

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