Saturday, September 15, 2012

Calam unravels Phillip Jensen's meaning of submission!

Say Bill I've been studying some of that theological submission stuff that Phillip Jensen teaches..."The consistent accusation levelled against the Christian understanding (but Bill...I think he means Sydney Anglican understanding...cause everyone else does) is that it leads to oppression and worse—domestic violence. To heighten this argument, details of dreadful abuse are given about husbands who use the wedding vows about submission to claim the right to be violent, abusive, controlling and domineering.
The secularist worldview, based in individualism, power and rights, analyses the cause of this abuse in terms of giving power and authority to the husband and therefore rejects the whole notion of submission. The Christian worldview analyses this abuse in terms of the profound sinfulness of the human heart and therefore rejects the behaviour of such husbands as expressions of a wicked and evil nature in need of repentance and regeneration."

Well Bill's simple...Phillip's saying...people in the secular world (and many other Australian Anglicans) think submission can lead to oppression and domestic violence ...and them letters to 'The Briefing' were really written to  persecute Sydney Anglicans for promoting female submission... and really not to inform the men at The Briefing that actual abuse of women has occurred! Oh Bill...and that's not all... I think Phillip means...the secularist and Anglican world , who reject female submission...actually believe in equality... and they think that abusive husbands really want power and authority over their wives on that basis they reject female submission... but Bill... Sydney Anglicans see abusive husbands as just part of the general sinfulness of  the collective human heart, and not a bunch of abusive controlling men in need of repentance and regeneration...they're just poor and completely misunderstood chappies! ...See Bill it's easy! ...I'm ready for Moore College!

So Ennis ...are we like them wife beaters ...or are we in need of repentance and regeneration for being gay?

Don't ask me Jake...It's all too Freudian for me! I  just think Sydney Anglicans are stark raving mad

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  1. Are Sydney Anglican women allowed to drive? In Saudi Arabia women aren't allowed anywhere near a car's driving seat. Perhaps Sydney women should ask their husband's permission before becoming a danger on the roads.