Thursday, September 13, 2012

Unlike Sydney Anglican women, Melbourne Anglican women will not submit!

The Age newspaper reports that the Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier has carefully separated Melbourne - and most of the rest of the country - from the different vows for men and women espoused by Sydney Archbishop Peter Jensen.
Dr Jensen wrote for Fairfax on August 29 - and repeated on ABC's Q&A on Monday night - that women should promise to ''submit'' to men.
Dr Freier said last night that the church in Melbourne held that "marriage requires a man and woman to commit themselves for life to mutual love, respect and service".

.Say Bill...them Melbourne Anglicans are a bunch of  "unreal" men and does that mean their homosexuals, lesbians and heretics because they believe in equality. I mean ... Mr Jensen said  "real" men and women can't exist when men and women are equal...and David Ould said ...if a Christian doesn't like the word submit because of it's connotations, then that Christian doesn’t like the Bible ! He even produces Biblical drawings of real complementarian men and women these Sydney Anglicans go out into the community and preach this stuff...because to me it looks like complementarianism is a money making way of window dressing issues of bigotry, such as sexism and homophobia.

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