Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Anglican Church League pays tribute to Bishop Wallace Benn for his orthodox stance against women, LGBT and children's rights!

Hi... I'm Michael Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, friend to Wallace Benn and the Sydney Anglican diocese... and I want to protect the right of Christians to discriminate...  "Unless basic Christian values are upheld, human rights will become another inhuman ideology"
The Rt. Rev Wallace Benn, Bishop of Lewes, is a retiring UK bishop who has is an ally of the Sydney Anglican Diocese. He like Sydney Anglicans, cannot take the oath of canonical obedience to a female and can’t have fellowship with those who condone the ordination of openly gay clergy. However, it is reported, that Bishop Wallace Benn, can grant permission to officiate to a  paedophile priest and mislead a judge by not reporting events accurately. Wallace Benn is currently the subject of disciplinary measures following on from the Butler Sloss report into the sexual assaults of children by priests in the Diocese of Chichester.
Ennis...Sounds like Wallace Benn is as recalcitrant as the Sydney Anglican diocese .... "The previous Bishop of Chichester had been in office for many decades. His legacy was a system of area bishops...Even more extraordinary is Bishop Hind’s admission that because of this situation he felt ‘paralysed’.... In particular he felt as if he had little or no authority in the east of the diocese where Bishop Wallace Benn, a deeply conservative evangelical and former chair of Reform, exercised a quasi independent jurisdiction ."

Yes Jake...obviously "turning a blind eye" to the sexual assault of children is another pathology of a patriarchal  diocese with a deep hatred of women. As Colin says... The Diocese of Chichester has one diocesan and two area bishops, and since women were ordained to the priesthood, no bishop in the diocese has supported the ordination of women. Women are inevitably more vulnerable in a diocese like Chichester which has such a strong anti-women’s ordination culture....And it seems a few of those ex-gay, post-gat, closeted gays hung out in the diocese too.

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