Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sydney Anglican, Haydn Sennitt speaks about his narcissism and homosexuality at an Exodus Asia - Pacific Conference in Melbourne

I think I'll leave the commentry to The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll...a doctrinal warrior and a man well versed in narcissism

So... little Haydn writes a report on a conference at which he spoke: he mentions no other speaker than himself, he tells us that he subsequently shared his his "testimony" to an enthralled audience, that recordings of his oratorial masterpiece will soon be available for purchase, that his presentation "was very worthwhile", and that not only were those attending greatly impressed, but that he was himself impressed by the degree to which they valued his insight. And his topic?


Honestly - you couldn't invent a scenario that ironic. That he then chose to accompany his shameless self-promotion with a gloriously homoerotic illustration just adds to the wonder of that boy's hilarious lack of self-perception. Haydn Sennitt can be assured of a truly great 15 minutes of fame within the ex-gay movement. Already his contribution can only be described as "timeless".

Say Bill ...are all them homosexualists into know do they all have 100 lovers?
I don't know Calam...but I think the narcissism comes from being a male Sydney know...where you see women as subservient and on this earth to make Sydney Anglican men look like real men...and I tell you what Calam...that takes a bit of doing!

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