Thursday, September 13, 2012

Do dinosaurs inhabit Moore College?

The Australian newspaper has published an article written by Brian Rosner, and in it he says... MONDAY night's Q and A saw the Christians in the Colosseum - Sydney Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen facing atheist comedian Catherine Deveny. No doubt hopes were high that Jensen, the "dinosaur" (as Deveny called him) would be torn to shreds by the more enlightened "chattering class".
Is that the same Brian Rosner, who teaches the New Testament, and Ethics at Moore College? Well...Sarie King  tells me from her brief notes taken from Peter Jensen’s two opening talks, at the launch of Moore College’s Complementarian  Priscilla and Aquila Foundation  that..."Complementarianism is the biblical orthodox view that needs to be explained and addressed in our new culture" . His first talk titled "Image Bearers in Disgrace" is all about a not so modern Adam and Eve!  His second talk is called "Image Bearers in Disgrace 2"...and here not only Adam and Eve have fallen, but they have taken Peter Jensen's Biblical certainity with them. Peter clarifies with prehistoric mumbo jumbo that... "Still for many the difficulty has stemmed from the reality that (much like the hesitation married couples sometimes face in outlining, defining and prescribing what ‘submission’ looks like in practice in their marriage) there’s a recognition that for teams who share a theology of complementarity, there will be definitive constants, clear theological principles at work, yet there’s also a recognition that our contexts and circumstances vary and therefore so might the way we move from principle into practice in each and every situation."
Catherine Deveny has got it all wrong...Peter Jensen is not a dinosaur...he's a creationist like me!

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