Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Haydn Sennitt makes a glass eye weep when he says...Peter Jensen had to force back tears when he spoke about gay people

Haydn Sennitt said that Peter Jensen's comments have been sabotaged...that's when he agreed with Wallace's statement, that living the gay lifestyle is as risky- if not more- as smoking.  Haydn said that the media ...makes no mention of how kindly Peter spoke on the programme and has to force back tears as he did because he really does love gay people so much.
Yes Peter Jensen  loves gays so much that he couldn't be in communion with Anglican people, who supported the ordination of a gay bishop...nor could he stand up, or speak out about gays whose lives were threatened in Uganda...that's because he was too busy sidling up to African bishops, who were in favour of passing the "Kill the gay bill"! Please'd make a glass eye weep...the only person with less compassion for gays is his brother

Haydn goes onto write... Many Christian folk that I know have surprisingly been ropable about what Wallace and Jensen have said, though I cannot see in many ways why it was so offensive. Neither were being homophobic, though the former could have chosen his words better and presented certifiable research in a more loving context rather. However, as Jensen very rightly and clamly said on Q and A, that such matters need to be considered respectfully and calmly to have a sensible, level-headed debate. Why? Because one of the core assumptions behind the gay community’s demand for marriage and the right to children is that their lifestyle is as safe and wholesome as heterosexual ones. The research suggests the opposite, and that’s not because society is unaccepting and ‘homophobic’ but because it is intrinsically unhealthy. (And it is just as unhealthy as a heterosexual couple where the husband/boyfriend asks his wife to perform anal sex because of what he has become familiar with through years of exposure to pornography; this is a very real and increasing problem among straight couples).


  1. "that such matters need to be considered respectfully and calmly to have a sensible, level-headed debate." HS quoting PJ.

    I couldn't agree more

    I am wondering why then, when I have requested, graciously, respectfully, not a debate but conversation/dialogue with Archbishop Jensen, Haydn Sennitt, David Peterson the offers have been rejected. The only person who was willing to do this was Ron Brookman from Living Waters. Surprisingly we both survived the encounter with no scars.

    I have dialogue with other Christian leaders and denominations in Australia that have always been helpful and are ongoing. Like the meeting I was invited to at the beginning of the year to speak with 30 Pentecostal ministers. It was kept private and confidential for obvious reasons. Because I know that like gay and lesbian people need safe spaces so do Christian leaders need a safe space to talk about gay and lesbian issues. (no conversation about us without us)

    My offer has never been withdrawn and still stands. An honest, respectful intelligent dialogue is on offer on the table....will you come?

    You can contact me privately on and I always respond.

    Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International (ABBI) is committed to overcoming the unnecessary suffering caused by ignorance and misinformation about sexual orientation and gender identity through the distribution of relevant information, providing education and creating dialogues.

  2. PS...forgot to mention......Sy Rogers was also happy to meet up with me.
    he has read my the article I wrote and I requested that he let me know if I had misrepresented him in any way and it seems I hadn't.