Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Peter Jensen tells Channel 7 that the way to be real men and real women means that men have to die for their wives and women have to submit to their husbands.

Don't worry Betty...I fight to the death for you...Marge had no right to criticise you like that

Well I'm defending Marge's honour... Betty shouldn't have written such rubbish and published it

Well Ennis...I'm betting on the cock that subscribes to Standfirm!

Peter Jensen has told Seven News the controversial change in the wedding vows, which require a wife to 'submit', is necessary, so husbands can feel like 'real' men.
The Anglican Church says the controversial change is about getting husbands to step up the challenge of marriage because ...Peter Jensen says...In the bible its says men die for your wife if needed, it says wife, when your husband's like that, then submit to him. Acknowledge his responsibilities and let him be a man,

I don't know Bill...but I wouldn't want to be relying on one of them Sydney Anglicans males to come to my defence, if I was in trouble in a dark alley...I reckon they'd run a mile cause they're not used to the real world you know... anyway all them fellas have ever been good at is bullying women and gays!
Couldn't agree more Calam... I mean if Peter Bolt is anything to go by.... probably standby and tell the woman who was subject of gang rape by high profile footballers, that she deserved it...and then he'd probably help fund the defence case against her!

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