Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Father's Day to Sydney Anglican Daddies...

Daddy ... my Father's Day pledge to you is ... "I promise to remain infantile and ever submissive to Sydney Anglican men... and that's so God has no doubt about my faith committment"... Oh I nearly forgot... I purchased you a voucher if your faith is ever tested then you can get mum to prove your faith to God. 

Hey Whoopi... I heard via the grapevine... that Richard Glover from the ABC has made a good suggestion... he thinks that  fluffy handcuffs should be included with the Sydney Anglican's bridal bouquet ... You know what's sad Whoopi?...
I know Gail...when Sydney Anglicans show their ignorance and arrogance by displaying  no understanding of the connotations of the word 'submission' ... and overlook its implications so completely. That's when you get a husband taking offence because he thinks his submissive Asian wife is black! I'm black for Godsake! I know Sydney Anglicans read books about varying shades of grey but I think it would be wasted on people who can only function in categories of black and white!

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