Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Haydn Sennitt at Liberty Christan Ministries Inc investigates the gay gene

I haven't got the "gay" gene?

Well studying the work of Lisa Nolland and those at Anglican Mainstream... I'd reckon you'd better start plucking chickens ...instead of stuffing yourself with them... as an excuse to protest same-sex marriage!

Liberty Christian Ministries Inc has posted some ground breaking research, denying the existence of the gay gene. One paper was called  'The Genesis of Same Sex Attraction'  and it was written by a GP who help found Liberty Christian Ministries Inc.

Say Ennis is that the same GP who helped write "What Some of You Were"... you know where he wrote the chapter called...'Is Homosexuality Biologically Determined?'
What ... you mean that book where people tell their stories about their lifelong struggle with same-sex attraction, homosexual porn and  battles to remain faithful to their wives?

Oh...and the other article called  'My Genes Made Me Do It', written by Neil and Briar Whitehead...the very same authors who posted an article about brain plasticity on Anglican Mainstream. ... oh boys are you and your horses being served?


  1. Haydn looks so fat after guzzling all those chicken legs. He'll never find himself a nice young man if he's grossly obese.

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