Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sam Freney, over at The Briefing website talks about ...Christian character and good here is a good argument from a Christian character about same-sex relationships

For Sam ...

Haydn Sennitt may be now in denial of his same-sex attraction but ex-gay ministeries have been acknowledged as ineffective in changing a person's underlying sexual orientation. I would suggest that pretending to be straight is not a healthy lifestyle. It is certainly not living life to the full nor living as God made him. I am very aware of the impact on the lives of men, in particular, who suppress their same-sex attraction because of social, cultural and family pressures. Many marry a woman and then find after a number of years that it does not work resulting in the emotional, social and financial losses arising from separation and divorce. The victims of homophobia in these cases are the wife and their children, as well as the man himself. The gay lifestyle that Sennitt chose to live and has now rejected is just one gay lifestyle, one of many. There are many 'gay lifestyles' just as there are many 'heterosexual lifestyles'. We would not describe the lifestyle of those who regularly frequent brothels or other establishments in Kings Cross as 'the heterosexual lifestyle'. That would be a dishonest caricature. The fact is that there are many same-sex attracted couples in enduring, committed, loving relationships for decades. This is in spite of a history of persecution - being called an "abomination", schoolyard (and workplace) bullying and, in some cases, alienation from their families. If treated with the same care and respect, same-sex attracted people would be no more likely to pursue self-destructive lifestyles than their straight counterparts. Archbishop Jensen would do better to support same-sex marriage and bless committed loving relationships.
Ennis...sounds like a level - headed Christian... but Sydney Anglicans won't listen because they know all about  gays and lesbians... and they've got Haydn as their token gay advisory service.
Yeah...and Calam didn't print his name ...just incase David Ould branded him a heretic...I mean whose going to submit in a same-sex marriage...and the experts can't have both parties submitting to each other in marriage?  

Well boys...I think Sam Freney has hit the nail on the head with this post... but I'm just not sure if she submits! Oh by the way... David Ould has written a piece about how being homosexual is the greatest health risk to homosexuals, because of anal's a bit like my study about being a women is the greatest health risk to a woman, because of her know ...death through child birth and rape is ramphant out here in the wild west...I can't wait until they improve medical procedures, develop contraceptives, teach safe sex practices, and introduce antenatal classes...but I understand if them Sydney Anglican complementarian women want to forgo the change.

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