Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Someone tell Lisa Nolland that the Australian beastiality expert, Corey Bernardi is on his way to the UK to lecture young conservatives in consensual sex between humans and animals!

Yes...that's right...two tickets on the first available flight to London and no stopover in Malaysia!

The Australian senator who was sacked as an aide to the country's opposition leader for linking homosexuality to bestiality is due to attend an event for young British Conservatives this weekend. Speaking during a debate on gay marriage in the Australian Senate on Tuesday, Liberal Cory Bernardi said allowing same-sex couples to marry would be a step on the road to allowing people to having consensual sex with animals.

Ain't it lucky Bill...that so many heterosexual folk have gay relos and friends... if we didn't we might think very poorly of SSA folk...when reading Bernardi's stuff?

Too right Calam...isn't it a shame that politicians like Abbott and Cheney put politics over their own folk just to appease the conservative vote...but I suppose they are not as bad as religious leaders who use orthodoxy to divide families and ruin lives!


  1. Unlike Australia, there are more people than sheep in the UK. Corey may therefore find fewer perverts than among Sydney Anglicans.

  2. Bernardi is on to something here and Haydn Sinnett (the best damn deputy that Liberty ministries ever had) has a name for it:

    Says Haydn: "...I was saddened not long after to learn that a famous British evangelical and theology author, Roy Clements, had abandoned his ministry, wife and children to undertake a ‘plutonic’ gay relationship."

  3. Sorry, I forgot to mention that you can find this gem on the Liberty website or at Haydn's hilarious blog 'Senator Qheleth'.