Sunday, February 26, 2012

Anglican Mainstream calls for PM, Mr Cameron , to be refused Holy Communion

David, why don't you do what we do downunder.... don't celebrate communion! Sydney evangelicals don't place much importance on that sacrament.... they want lay people to administer it... so David, nip those blackmailers in the bud and implement Sydney Anglicanism... then you can administer communion to yourself!

Anglican Mainstream is calling for the Prime Minister to be refused communion for his sin of legalising same-sex marriage. As the article points out... The diocesan bishop is ultimately responsible for Holy Communion discipline. The minister of the church where Mr Cameron takes Christ’s sacrament urgently needs to confer with his or her Ordinary as to whether the Prime Minister’s move to redefine God’s created institution of man-woman marriage constitutes ‘grave and open sin without repentance’.

I agree... who needs the Pope when you've got Julian Mann?

Hey listen girls ... has someone been impersonating David Ould in the comments section of Cramer's Curate ...or has David Ould actually married a divorcee... and in his circumstances it's OK?


  1. I am a supporter of Calvinist Leaders who wish to murder David Cameron. I believe that Robert Mugabe should become a deacon in Sydney Diocese to preach hatred and homophobia like myself.

  2. DAVID OULD is an avid reader of Sydney's STAR OBSERVER. He objects to homos and drunkards becoming ministers. Here he he passes his divine judgement on wicked Bishops: