Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sydney Anglicans post as breaking news...Archbishop of York gets racist emails over gay marriage views

The Archbishop of York has received a "small number of abusive and threatening emails of a racist nature" and has reported them to police. North Yorkshire Police said the abuse was being treated as a hate crime.

I was electrocuted as part of gay conversion therapy and when that didn't work I was disowned by my family... but that's not a hate

Some of my fellow Christians refused to be in communion with me but that's not a hate crime...and some people tried to incite hatred against me by printing that I was shameless but that's not a hate crime

I was discriminated against becoming bishop of Southwark because I admitted that I'm gay and celibate...but that's not a hate crime.

I can be told that I'm not a Christian because I'm gay and that I'm damned to hell... but that's not a hate crime

Yeah Ennis... it's like we're not people. We can be demonised by implying we are pedophiles and depraved...but that's not a hate crime

And Jack...we can have ex-gays implying that we are sexual predators,incapable of a loving relationship and a product of sexual abuse...but that's not a hate crime

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