Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sydney Anglicans are being encouraged to read the Bible for themselves...

Be careful what you wish for...
Sydney Anglican, Michael Kellahan, has finally realised that Sydney Anglicans have no system at church for encouraging people to read the bible for themselves because they are so brain dead after listening to endless sermons by Phillip Jensen.
Michael says Sydney Anglicans struggle and struggle against biblical illiteracy -so Michael is trying a different system this year and at his church:
1. people will be asked to read the Bible for 20 days
2. adhere to a bible plan
2. parents will be asked to sign up to the children's program to help the children with their homework on Jensenism
5. and in the spirit of Jensenism, there will be a focus on the Old Testament to develop an understanding of creationism and complementarianism.
6. people will be interviewed from the front of church about how their bible reading is going and how it is changing them... to ensure so no one turns up to church

Michael says there is lots of anecdotal support for these initiatives. More people seem to be reading their bibles. More after church conversations seem to be over what people are reading during the week. I’m being asked questions that come out of personal reading.

Do Sydney Anglicans use anecdotal evidence when planning their investment strategies?

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