Friday, February 24, 2012

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir to sing for the 1st time in an Anglican Church in Sydney

As reported by the Sydney Star Observer...The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir (SGLC) will perform this Sunday, February 26, 3pm, at South Hurstville’s St Mark’s Anglican Church as the inaugural performance of Songs of Freedom, a series of concerts to be held at the church in 2012. Church rector Chris Albany said....At St Mark’s, music has been inspired by a great many musicians for more than 50 years... St Mark’s seeks to be an open inclusive community which welcomes people regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation or religion. As such, St Mark’s is pleased to be able to host one of Sydney’s finest choirs. It is important to celebrate God’s creativity and the musical gifts of people.
The SGLC is a non-auditioned choir which welcomes members regardless of their sexual identity or musical experience. It has been performing for more than 20 years.

I dunno Ennis... those gay and lesbian people sounded pretty good singing

Yeah Jack...and if they sound so good singing, then they must sound OK preaching...and singing country and western!


  1. The Church roof will fall in if this ungodly event takes place. To allow singing homosexuals to warble gay songs in God's House defies the morality of Phillip Jensen, God and myself. I have decided to ban it in my Baptist Cult.

  2. I wish to state that gays, women, Dobby Ould, lesbians and Australians are all equal in God's sight. Comparing an Australian with a gorilla is racism.