Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anglican Mainstream is angered that the UK is targeting parents who are racist and homophobic

My parents read Anglican Mainstream and they told me never to listen to the stories of those who have been hurt by homophobia because I might develop some empathy and learn to read the bible instead of decode it.

Anglican Mainstream reports that the behaviour of Britain's primary and secondary schools students is being monitored; in an attempt to curb racist, homophobic or transphobic attitudes in the playground. AM reports that prejudical behaviour will formally be recorded on a computer database for analysis and persistent unacceptable behaviour will receive particular attention. AM says that the real aim is to identify parents who may be teaching their children inappropriate attitudes and creating the ‘bigots’ and ‘racists’ of tomorrow.

How can that boy be educated if he won't listen? But I suppose his father wouldn't listen either. You only have to listen to the terrible stories of what gay men and women have endured to know the church's treatment of them has been appalling.

Is the boy with his hands over his ears related to Mr Sugden ...because he's always having some sort of tantrum on the Anglican Mainstream website

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  1. All British children should be taught the tenets of the "Anglican" Church League. This will ensure bigotry is maintained until the age of 24.