Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lord Carey makes no sense...He is a walking contradiction

Lord Carey has told The UK Telegraph that Christians have rights too! He quotes the Christians who refused to allow a homosexual couple to share a room in their B & B because it went against their religious beliefs. While the law sees the guests turned away as victims of discrimination, Lord Carey prefers to attach the same tag to the B&B owners. I want to protect their freedom to take that line.
Reporter Peter Stanford asks Carey what he would he have done the same in their shoes? Well, as it happens, 30 years ago when I was in parish ministry in Durham, we did open our house to bed and breakfast guests. And if you open your home to the public, you have to respect homosexual couples and make no exceptions.
Stanford is unclear about the point Carey is making and asks for clarification. Carey points out...But it is not my views on homosexuality that matter...Those who object to gay relationships on Christian grounds that are well-rooted in the theology of what remains the Established Church in this country should not be discriminated against.

I'm glad Carey cleared that up... so you can be an ex-archbishop and accept that in the secular world discrimination against gays is unacceptable but you have no moral duty to alert other Christians to this fact.

Say Mr Carey... I believe in white supremacy so if I discriminate against 'coloured' folk will you stick up for me... and will you stick up for the rights of terrorists because they are acting upon their own belief systems?

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  1. Lord Carey of Clifton (I always wish he´d edge a little closer to the Cliff in Clifton if they have one) is a troublemaking old goat...he can´t seem to get his brush with royalty out of his brush with self-importance...obviously promoted way beyond his ability to *see* clearly. Tiresome, harmful and downright people listen to him (I mean besides the American schismatic CANAS who think he´s quite the fella)!