Friday, February 3, 2012

It's been confirmed...Anglican Mainstream is a thoroughly mean - spirited grouping that deserves humiliation

And what's knew... I've been saying the same thing for ages! I just hope nobody confuses me with that nasty man Chris Sugden... because I'll have to sue! He's a thorn in my side... being a Sugden and all!

Andrew Brown from The Guardian UK wrote a scathing blog about Anglican Mainstream and its 'Gay Leper Conference'. His criticism was extended to other misogynists and homophobes when he said ... Lord "Hallelujah" Carey, the former archbishop of Canterbury, signed along with Michael Nazir Ali, the former bishop of Rochester and Wallace Benn, the suffragan bishop of Lewes, a letter defending a psychotherapist who tries to "cure" gay men. That's two has-beens and a never-was lining up on the anti side. Meanwhile 100 serving clergy in the diocese of London signed a letter asking to bless civil partnerships in their churches. Which represents the future.

I'm thoroughly shocked ...not a mention about this at the Anglican Church League or Sydney Anglican Network Portal sites!
People need to be warned about women like
Lisa Nolland, who write such filth.

What was that about socks? Each to their own I say...some take their socks off ... but I like to put one cowboy boot on the other foot!

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  1. I wonder if Haydn Sennitt wore socks while having sex with hundreds of men.