Thursday, February 9, 2012

Delusional David wants to mobilise the marginalised within the Sydney Diocese

David Pettett is a delusional Sydney Anglican who wants to 'mobilise the marginalised'... when everyone knows that it is the role of Sydney Anglicans to 'marginalise the marginalised' throughout the Sydney diocese and the world.

Delusional David says... to even accept the marginalised into our churches... I would love to see us making some big shifts in our thinking. I would love to see us taking some risks, seeing our fellow human beings as people for whom Christ died, people who make mistakes, like you and me, people we’re willing to take risks with.

Well I don't know how Sydney Anglicans treat those who recover from drug and alcohol abuse... but they hold reformed gamblers in high esteem.

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  1. Sydney Baptists also like to welcome gay men addicted to sexual encounters in bathhouses where they get hot and steamy: