Tuesday, February 21, 2012

To Pun or not to Pun...that is the question

Hey mum...Why has that Sydney Anglican lady got a bag over her head?

Well darling... when you're a Sydney Anglican women you are expected to stop thinking for yourself...it's a bit like surrendering your mind... and learning to jump through the hoops of submission, as signalled by the ringmaster.. and if the ringmaster tells you to put a bag over your head, then you do it!

I'm confused...which bit of "owning a Korean wife" and calling the same woman "a trained gorilla" is to be commended?

Son...You must listen to Phillip Jensen...it's not about the' wife' ... it's about the husband and the limitations he puts on her through submission. This raises him into a position of headship over his wife, where she is no longer his equal but someone for him to defend. It's no longer about her self esteem, her beauty and her body image ... it's about how he sees her, thus stripping her of HER right to determine if she is as pretty as Jennifer Hawkins

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  1. I find this article highly offensive. I know of no gorilla who wears Lovable knickers, speaks out of turn or behaves like a Sydney deacon. They are noble creatures who are far superior to fundamentalists. Moore College trains its submissive females here: