Saturday, February 25, 2012

Melbourne Anglicans tackle the social issue of religion and the "priviledged past " of men... and it's subsequent effects on women.

Yes he crossed the line when he made me feel inferior. I was much smarter than most of the males in my class but I wasn't allowed to preach in front of them because I was a woman. Jesus wouldn't have excluded me... He would have included me, even back then, in a culture that is similar to contempory Sydney Anglicanism!

An article posted by Melbourne Anglicans calls upon religions to stop “privileging the past” so a future can be built in which women are no longer threatened by men.
The Revd Scott Holmes said that eventhough there is variety among faiths, and within faith traditions, promoting respectful relationships was “incredibly challenging”...because common to all faiths was the “Privileging of the Past”. He called upon the faith community to start looking to the future where the wellbeing of women is no longer threatened by the violence of men.

Didn't Phillip Jensen write something recently about wellbeing...and how it came at a cost? As a Sydney Anglican, I know how to ensure my wellbeing!

Statistics from the article state that:
1. One in three Australian women experience physical violence from an intimate
partner in their lifetime;
2. One in five Australian women experience sexual violence in their
3. More than half the recorded homicides in Australia are women killed by their
current or former partners; and
4. Intimate partner violence is the leading contributor to ill-health, death
and disease for women aged 15 to 44 in Victoria – more than smoking, obesity,
heart disease or alcohol use.
Ms Renee Imbesi, the Program Manager for Preventing Violence Against Women from VicHealth’s Participation and Equity for Health Unit said faith leaders had the potential to be role models in efforts to strengthen the values of respect and gender equality in the community.

Has Ms Renee Imbesi checked out the culture within Sydney Anglican Diocese... if you relied on them to as role models for society gender equality, then Australia would be aparthied! Men in this diocese clap, cheer, hoot and slap each other on the back when one of their women gets up and reaffirms her subservience. Women advocating equal rights were purged from the diocese and their ideology replaced with this!


  1. Shut up, Calamity.
    I don't wish to hear the truth from a woman.

  2. My profound article at Viagraville proves that Jesus is inferior to God. Likewise, a woman must shut her mouth when in the divine presence of an Ould.

  3. A Sydney Misogynist RacistFebruary 25, 2012 at 11:30 PM

    This inferior woman is destined for Hell Fire: