Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sydney takes the period of Lent to a whole new level!

Sydney is kicking Lent off with the traditional Ash Wednesday services but the city is also hosting a celebration for gay Christians. The Hon. Michael Kirby will launch a book written by Australian Anglicans and not Sydney Baptists. The book is called "Five Uneasy Pieces" and consists of a group of essays that argue the contrary, that there is no biblical warrant for condemning either a homosexual orientation or a faithful and committed homosexual relationship. The book's editor, Nigel Wright, and one of the co-authors Alan Cadwallader will briefly speak on the night. The evening will be hosted by gay Anglican, Ben Gilmore, who currently works as a minister at the Uniting Church, Paddington. Details of the evening are here (scroll down).

I think these guys need a little treat to spice up the night...and put Sydney evangelical "bums on seats"!

Jim...now let's not forget Psalm Sunday...that's where Father Dave sets out to box 120 rounds and all proceeds will go to the Holy Trinity Youth Club.

And let's not forget the Gay and Lesbian choir who are performing at St Mark's church, South Hurstville on 25.2.12
Easter Sunday should be a real ripper this year!

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