Sunday, February 12, 2012

NRL referee Matt Cecchin says being gay is no reason to live in fear ...

Cecchin becomes the first NRL official or player since Roberts in 1995 to declare he is gay.

Cecchin said... Like a lot of people, I thought to be gay you had to be feminine... I played sport, I loved rugby league, I liked going to the pub with my mates. In the rough and touch world of Rugby League, Cecchin says that he has never been sledged for being gay by any NRL players, coaches or officials and doesn't expect to be after speaking out publicly for the first time.
Cecchin chose to come out because ... youth that are growing up today may be going through a whole world of hurt and fear....My experience is they don't need to be. People are OK with it now....You only have to look at the statistics to see that you're five to six times more likely to commit suicide if you are gay as a teenager.

Cecchin obviously hasn't met a Sydney Anglican yet! Haydn Sennitt at Liberty Christian ministries Inc will help him develop some self loathing skills.

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