Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brisbane filmmakers uncover the hidden world of Australia's Reparative Therapy

Sydney Star Observer posts that some Brisbane filmmakers have uncovered the hidden world of Australia’s reparative therapy (or ex-gay) movement in a groundbreaking documentary to be screened in Sydney this weekend. 'The Cure' follows the stories of several ‘ex-gay survivors’, including the gut-wrenching story of 23-year-old Ben Gresham who was 16 when he entered a Christian counselling program to help him ‘conquer’ his homosexuality. He attempted suicide several times.Speaking to current and former members of ex-gay programs, The Cure looks at the psychological harm caused to people who enter programs believing they can overcome their homosexuality.

Showing at Mardi Gras’ Queer Screen at Cinema Paris, Sunday, February 26, 2.30pm. Click here for tickets.
Also Screening at Melbourne Queer Film Festival at ACMI, March 24 and Brisbane Queer Film Festival at the Powerhouse, April 14.

And then there is the Sydney Anglican cure where same-sex attracted people are likened to evil Gollum and his ability to let go of the evil ring.

It's good to see Sydney Anglicans have put a lot of research into their program. I'm in favour of scaring the beJesus out of someone too! A bit of trauma never hurt anyone! I wonder if the Jensen patriarchy would let Haydn near one of their family members if same-sex orientation was evident?

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  1. It is comforting to know that the Jensens have close ties with Ugandan therapists who use evangelical methods to cure gays from their sin. Perhaps Haydn would enjoy the treatment below. The BBC's own gay Scott Mills is cured by a large cock.