Friday, February 10, 2012

Dorothy Parker comes face to face with Anglican Mainstream and Sydney Anglican Ugandan homophobia

Dorothy at the Loonpond has just discovered hate filled Anglican Mainstream, and has something to say about Anglicans from the Sydney diocese, and their UK Anglican Mainstream cousins. She teases out their relationship with Ugandans, regarding the persecution of homosexuals... as Uganda once again cranks up its anti-homosexuality bill.

Dorothy says...

This is a hate crime that flies under the radar under Australia, but it reminded the pond that fear and loathing in Uganda owes a lot to western evangelical Christians doing their thing in Africa. And where are the evangelical Sydney Anglicans in all this?
Well you can see how they cut their jib in Robert Tong's 2009 report on A grubby little incident:

In a naked display of political power, the American Episcopal Church leadership stopped the Rev Philip Ashey, the clergy representative of the Province of Uganda, from taking his place at the 14th meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council held in Jamaica, because he has been among the strongest critics of their pro-homosexual policies.

That's right, Sydney Anglicans were supposed to be outraged because American Episcopals had dared to ban a bishop because of his anti-homosexual policies. And how was this dressed up?

At ACC Jamaica, a Ugandan-appointed delegate was refused admission to the conference on the first day and biblical interests were silenced on the fifth day. In both, the rule of law was ignored or abused and naked political pragmatics trumped principle.

And never mind the implications of the rule of law in Uganda which might happen to include an anti-homosexuality bill. Talk about grubby incidents and grubby values ... arise Sydney Anglicans.

Meanwhile Anglican Aid is beavering away in Uganda with theological scholarships, and the Anglican Mainstream - as it calls itself - has always been supportive of brave attempts to denounce black helicopters and United Nations activism:

In 2010 Archbishop Nicholas Okoh of Nigeria reacted to activism by United Nations bodies on behalf of homosexual rights by noting that this activism went beyond the issue of rights and appeared to support the advancement of homosexual lifestyles in Africa. He said that if the United Nations Organisation was now an organ for advancing homosexual lifestyle, it was time Nigeria pulled out of that organization to protect the moral health of Nigeria.

Indeed. And if you read on, perhaps expecting a note that suggested this was more than a little bizarre, instead you got this, baldly and boldly stated:

The Church must resist any attempt to establish local or international platforms to foist societal vices e.g. homosexual behaviour, prostitution, etc as rights on others. These are redeemable conditions, by the power of the Gospel.

Yep, it's the old societal vice routine, this time lumping homosexuality in with hookers.

I've been mentally scarred... I've just read what Lisa Nolland, from Anglican Mainstream, wrote about homosexuals! Is she trying to introduce a UK 'Kill the Gay Bill' ... or is she just encouraging gay bashings?

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  1. I fully support the rantings of Dobby Ould at Vaigraville. As a well-known homophobe, Dobby should be proud of the bile and hatred he spreads throughout this wicked world.