Thursday, February 2, 2012

Michael Nazir-Ali calls bigots to arise and awake

Rev Michael Nazir called for bigots to 'awake and arise' from across the Midlands and descend on Coventry Cathedral, in an attempt to stop the UK from becoming tolerant and egalitarian. Alan Craig, well known Nazi expert and head of the Christian People's Alliance, called for orthodox bigots to become entrenched at a local level as councillors at parish, ward and constituency elections. 'Awake and Arise' ended with former drug dealer and criminal – turned evangelist, Rob Joy, speaking about the biblical orthodoxy being the only true hope for the nation.

Yeah I reckon Alcoholics Anonymous should run the country... I mean I'm an alcoholic because of those homosexualists!

So Michael let's see if I've got this right... we're here to drive out anyone who is not committed to bigotry... so that just leaves those at Anglican Meanstream.


  1. Yes. This is excellent coverage. This is the exact end game of the sickthinkers on parade...Lord have mercy on them AND all the victims of their stupidity/bigotry and fear/hate...we´re hitting the bottom...near the falling off place (and these dudes and dudettes think they are sane)!

    Mil Gracias,
    Leonardo Ricardo/Len

  2. On a more petty and personal note:

    Let us pray Michael Nazir-Ali gets a haircut, a shampoo, a delousing and set (and then has his mouth wired shut to improve his overtbite).

  3. Why is Mr Nazi-Ali pictured drinking in the street?

  4. In today's 'Guardian' Prostate Pete confesses to having sex with his socks off.
    This is against the rules of Anglican Mainstream.