Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Haydn Sennitt is travelling interstate to persecute gays with Sydney Anglican homophobic bigotry!

And would Haydn be on a Victorian mission to stir up some trouble?

Haydn says that he is deputising on behalf of Liberty interstate, and he wants us to pray for him, as he preaches on a number of 'clobber the gay' Bible passages. Haydn is going to inform people interstate about... where homosexuals come from, as well as rebutt pro-gay theology and public policy; and address the masses on hot topics such as “gay marriage”, church discipline and claiming to be both gay and Christian.

Can someone please tell Haydn that homosexuals are found under cabbage patches!


  1. I understand Haydn holds the Sydney Diocese World Record for the number of men he's slept with.

  2. While I am trying to maintain sympathy towards Haydn, if he keeps using words like 'deputising' and starting prayers with 'Dear Daddy', my sympathy will quickly fade.

  3. It is obvious that Haydn yearns for Daddy-God to embrace him in His muscular arms, to give him a kiss and to arouse his manly body in a gay, evangelical embrace.

  4. Haydn deputizing in Victoria. What? Like he has in Sydney. Deputizing is a strange name for it. Most people call them 'hook ups'. Ooops is the secret out. Possibly Liberty Ministries board should be requiring more accountability. He needs 24 hour surveillance.