Friday, February 17, 2012

Sydney Anglican gender neutral gender bending

Sydney Anglican Baptists have published an article that confirms Phillip Jensen's theory, that God made the world by speaking the words, that are recorded in the Bible. This is why Southern Baptists and Sydney Anglicans, are boycotting the 2011 New International Version Bible... just incase God's gender-neutral language creates a sexist free world. It's encouraging to see that at least one Sydney Anglican feminist wears the pants in the family... David Ould is a feminist because his wife is not. David has written another letter of complaint, this time to the company, Loveable. David is concerned that his wife will develop a negative self image because her husband thinks Jennifer Hawkins is more attractive, and even worse, this might make a man like David for example, expect something that looks more like Barbie than any real woman.
Barbie... Barbie who ? David, are you calling me a bimbo? I heard that Moore College's is training women like Mrs Ould in modelling Sydney Anglican lingerie.


  1. At least David Ould covers his body when conducting his boring Worship Meetings.

  2. Moore College prospectus for Submissive Women's Ministry has just been published: