Friday, February 24, 2012

Psychiatrist and Dean, Phillip Jensen talks about the price Sydney Anglicans pay for well being

Below : Young Sydney Anglicans trading rationality for wellbeing !

Phillip Jensen joins a prominent atheist, psychiatrist, and economist in identifying the underlying contributing factors to a state of well being.
Atheist Alain de Botton·says... Being made to feel small by something amazing – religious people would call that God, but you could call that the universe or nature or the ocean – it has a really calming effect on us, and we don't do it enough. We tend to live in cities, where the achievements of other humans dominate, and where we slowly lose our minds to envy and anxiety until something can just pull us out and reintroduce a wider timeframe and a wider sense of space.
Psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed wrote ... For all our freedom and wealth, one of the key difficulties of life in the modern West - where tradition, religion and community have been so horribly stripped bare - is making sense of our lives when there are so few rules about how to live
Economist Ross Gittins wrote ...psychologists have moved from the therapeutic model of seeing their discipline as helping the disabled, to a ‘positive’ model of helping everybody’s wellbeing.
And Dr Phillip Jensen says that people... must lose their rationality...there is no rational basis for is the “fear of the Lord that is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 9:10).

Yeah well look at me...I'm at the bottom of the wellbeing scale since I left Sydney Anglicanism...but being told I was evil because I was gay didn't help.

Phillip... I think you are missing the point... well balanced lives help develop a good sense of wellbeing. An obsessive focus on religion is equally as damaging as an obsessive focus on work and money.


  1. The patients in your top picture look quite ill. I hope they soon recover and find they needn't attend Sydney Cathedral again.

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