Friday, February 10, 2012

Tony Payne asks ... But is Matthias Media worth supporting?

Well Ennis... I reckon Matthias Media has it's place... homophobic sexist bigots have got to have something to read... and those Anglican women who are not allowed to read the women's magazines ... can save themselves for in-house reading.
Seems times are tough at MM... but the new 'Two ways to Live' app for iphone and ipad should turn the company around... I mean that simplistic view of Christianity is what underpins Sydney Anglicanism and MM products.

1 comment:

  1. Times would be getting tougher for MM now they no longer have the Archbishop and major shareholder ordering/forcing parishes to buy pallet-loads of their shabby in-house gospel translation under the ruse of 'outreach'.
    Wonder how long it will be before St. Andrew's House announces a new 'mission' revolving around another of Payne/Jensen's fundamentalist baubles?