Saturday, February 11, 2012

Victoria has a partnered gay cleryman and Sydney Anglican, David Ould can't stand it ... so he 'spits the dummy' at Standfirm

David Ould at Standfirm is upset! He is so upset that he sounds like Phillip Jensen, when Phillip hears the words 'gay clergy' and 'womens ordination'. David says that the appointment of a minister who allows his photo to be taken with his same-sex partner, is a deliberate decision. David spews out ... Rev. Head was previously at Holy Trinity Hampton where his relationship was (as someone recently described it to me) considered an “open scandal”. Perhaps it all got too much, we don’t know and Melbourne is a whole other question - a diocese where the fight really is on between the evangelicals and the liberals. But Bishop McIntyre over the border in Gippsland has decided to make it an issue by appointing and publicly affirming him...You can be sure there will be a number for whom this appointment is unacceptable. One commentator told me that when the doors close on the meeting room it can get a bit fierce inside. I’m sure we can expect some free and frank discussions there.

Does that mean Sydney Anglicans will be joining an Ordinariate? Phillip Jensen can reform the Catholics and get rid of their idolatry.

Ennis..that David Ould carries a lot of clout in the Anglican Church... is he related to the archbishop or something? I wonder if he was instrumental in pushing Ben Gilmore out of the Anglican Church.

I don't know Jake... but is that guy with the beard a Sydney Anglican... because he looks a little too progressive!

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  1. Rev Head is a respected minister in our area. What business is it of bigot David Ould to suggest that Mr Head is living a life of "scandal"? I am sure Mr Head will be instructing his lawyers for this appalling slur.