Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Sydney Diocese is on route to collect taxes from fund Jensen's mission

Phillip Jensen has headed a conference on the future funding of diocese. That's because Sydney Anglicans gambled all their money on the stock exchange. He called on his Anglican Church League heavies, Bruce Ballantine Jones and Mark Thompson to give him a hand. The key points of the conference included:
1. Phillip Jensen cautioning people against the 'politics of suspicion' ...don't be suspicious about the same leadership taking money from parishes to continue to fund bigotry...when the mission has already put the Sydney Diocese, $160 million, in the red!
2.organising a process of taxing parishes to fund the Jensen's mission. Bruce Ballantine-Jones added ... While nobody likes paying taxes any fair‐minded person would accept that if there are not enough funds available from the DE and other endowments to do what the Synod wants to do, the parishes must pay the difference.

Did you ask me what I think? Well I'd think those Anglicans should stop flogging a dead horse... the mission has failed...time get rid of those incompetent gamblers and get in some new blood!

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  1. I demand that they ordain ME immediately so I can have Pete Jensen's job! I'm deluded enough to think I've got it already.