Monday, February 6, 2012

Anglican Mainstream promotes a Day of Purity for singles on Valentine's Day

Anglican Mainstream has come up with a real treat for single people on Valentine's Day, and it's called 'A Day of Purity'. This is where single people take themselves out for an intimate dinner, buy themselves a white rose and a box of chocolates and take out their credit card size “Purity Pledge” card from the wallet or purse and pledge...
I hereby choose to save sex until I am in a committed
marriage relationship. Knowing this is the best choice
for my health, emotions, and spirituality, I voluntarily
choose to abstain from sexual activity until my
wedding night. Once I am married, I will remain true
to my spouse. Putting aside whatever past I may have,
I make this commitment today to purity and to setting
high standards for my life.
Signature _______________________

I think Anglican Mainstream have misunderstood Matthew 5:8 ... 'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God'... firstly you've got to have a heart!

Look... I'm a friend of Dorothy's...and I know where you can get a heart

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  1. I promise to remain pure by never kissing a Sydney 'Anglican' Baptist.