Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sydney Anglicans report as breaking news... UK Synod rejects misogynistic 'woman bishop' compromise

And would that be the compromise that calls on women bishops to be subjugated before misogynists ... misogynists who hold a belief that having power over someone is fundamental to authentic headship... not to mention those who base their arguments on the irrational premise that authentic headship is likened to a spiritual God who has a penis ...AND that penis is only aroused by thoughts of a woman?


  1. The whole dreary affair is driven by old men (who probably need to have mildew removed from all their bodyparts, including organs, vital but probably not) and half-crazed fundies with nothing to fill their spare time except by trying to defend a God who doesn´t need their defense.

  2. Codependents all...trying to make deals with God (I wonder if they´ve ever, alone, heard themselves pray outloud)!