Sunday, February 12, 2012

Phillip Jensen is more than the Dean of St Andrew's Cathedral...he now wears the Minister for Education's hat!

Phillip Jensen, the new Minister for Education, tackles what he sees as the social engineering of secular education system, by atheists. His solution involves:
1. Teaching creationism, and telling students that God made the world by speaking.
2. Teaching Complementarianism, to ensure male and female are united to populate the world and produce more tunnelled visioned Sydney Anglican misogynists and homophobes... all well versed in submission, through the oppressive curriculum of a vengeful Lord who loves sending children to hell.
3. Replacing public education with home schooling, because as Phillip says...Nobody other than parents is given the responsibility of raising and teaching children ... and the government has no direct role in the education, other than ensuring that evil parents do not abuse or neglect their children.

I might be indoctrinated... but I thought them Christian fellas were involved in social engineering all them years ago!

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