Friday, February 10, 2012

A benefit night is being held for the ex-Lilydale Baptist heterosexual pastor who expressed support for same-sex marriage.

Sydney Star Observer reports that...Melbourne’s LGBTI community will come together this weekend to support a straight ally who’s lost his job because he openly supports same-sex marriage. Rev Matt Glover, a married man with two children, stepped down from his role at the Lilydale Baptist Church after church members voted to remove him following his public support of same-sex marriage.

Bob Katter said People cannot really comprehend that such a popular pastor could be treated this way, especially for showing Christian values like compassion, acceptance and love... There is a lot of respect out there for Matt and his family and not just from the GLBTI community but also from a lot of Baptist parishioners.

And speaking of Baptists... Did you see where the Sydney Town Hall's rainbow flag will cast demonly shadows across St Andrew's pseudo Baptist Cathedral .... Phillip Jensen will have to purify and cleanse the Cathedral of all those homosexual demons or widows and orphans wont be safe!

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