Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sydney Anglican and pastoral leader at Liberty Christian Ministries Inc,Haydn Sennitt states what others have already known...all men are bastards!

I didn't know Haydn was a feminist! And it used to be the overbearing mother blamed for the gay child.

Haydn says the impact of fatherlessness leads to rebelliousness; involvement in crime and false religion, including the occult; broken sexuality; domestic violence; alcoholism and other substance abuse; and mental illness. He claims that almost all those whom he pastors for at Liberty came from homes where the father was passive or absent, or where men had sexually, physically, or emotionally abused them...and they had experienced bullying from same-sex peers and ostracism from authority figures.

Haydn adds ..If you are a father like this and has been neglecting your wife and children, it is not- and never is – too late to deal with matters. Buy a copy of Courageous: it will make you weep and sit up straight.

Oh so that explains it... why all those men and women grew up gay... it was because of their absent fathers away at war. I can't wait until they do a study on kids who have ex-gay fathers obsessed with homosexuals!


  1. Don't be silly, Calamity! Hadyn is a fully-fledged homosexualist who only thinks he's straight. His children will probably grow up to be healthy, straight atheists. If they realise their Dad is bonkers.

  2. That's about the truest thing you've ever said Mrs Jensen

  3. http://gayambassador.blogspot.com.au/2010/04/most-misunderstood-concept-in-ex-gay.html

  4. ‘Situational heterosexual’ is a term I’ve used for several years to describe myself when people have asked how I could have been married for so many years and yet be gay. This term has also helped people gain a clearer understanding of what really happens when someone who is homosexual marries someone of the opposite sex and claims change. Confusion about what really happens in these situations still exists and often wrongly reinforces the ‘homosexuality is a choice’ and ‘homosexuals can change’ concepts