Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Women ...Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

Now you lot of ladies... I'm sure I could come up with a sermon on tights!

Sydney Anglicans have posted as breaking news, an article published in The Guardian, that features Cof E women who can only talk about "tights" with women priests. Some of the C of E complementarian women expressed concerns about women bishops...

I want to serve under a male bishop...Jesus's chose only male apostles and the fact that other, major Christian denominations have not introduced female clergy as evidence to support my belief... I need male-only structures that will "protect" me from women bishops... Terms such as sexist or misogynist is reducing a complex theological matter to terms of hatred and negative feelings... at synod, when my path crosses with women priests, during tea breaks and toilet breaks, we talk as women do, woman to woman, about tights... The C of E does not have the authority to make that change, the C of E is just one small part of the worldwide church. If this was the will of God, the rest of the church would have to have agreed and gone ahead together... A priest represents God to the people and a male priesthood is a gift that helps us to understand God. Having a woman in that role makes it just that little bit harder to have that relationship... It's like a woman playing a man's role on stage. They have to work that bit harder to be convincing.

I've seen women like this before! Of course women in the Bible rarely are depicted as leaders or apostles... it's as "Nicky says..."women were not allowed to testify in legal proceedings, nor study the Torah, read aloud in synagogues, or to lead Jewish assemblies". Women have spent their time on Earth trying to be regarded as human beings. Do these complementarian women walk around blindfolded or are they just in a time warp? Well complementarians it's ...

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