Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can someone tell Nicky Locke that Sydney Anglican women are supposed to feel a bit ripped off!

Sydney Anglican, Nicky Locke, says that she feels a bit ripped off by the paucity of depictions of female life in scripture. She says that much preaching addresses the relationship of women to their husbands, their role as a mother or their role in the church ministry, but little assists women in significant leadership roles in how to be who they are – women in responsible jobs in charge of large teams of people.

But Nicky ... haven't you heard about Sydney Anglican's Complementarianism ...how one gender may be (in certain circumstances) functionally subordinate to another while remaining ontologically equal.

Nicky goes onto add that one of the difficulties reading the stories of women in the Bible is the context of the time, such as in Jewish society, where women were considered in many ways as inferior beings... just as they are within the Sydney Diocese. Moore College trains women to aspire to subordination as these Moore College bimbos demonstrate with some of their comments...

When we're talking about ordination to the priesthood, it's actually quite a narrow form of ministry. Opportunities for women are much broader than that...The main issue is God’s word - it’s a matter of theology, not practical expediency... We can get caught up in the gender debate and miss the importance of the authority of scripture in the life of the Christian...advocating for women's ordination undermines the ministry that's already going on in Sydney...The more opportunities there are, the less women's ordination becomes an issue...I don't want to be locked into being a rector.

That's right girls... the path of ordination provides such a lack of opportunities...that's why I chose to be ordained.

Nicky goes on to admire Lydia who she says ...seems to be one of those exceptional women: a business woman and prayerful woman.

Merve...I thought the Anglican Church boys would have blacked out Lydia's name, in those ESV Bibles... or at least branded her a lesbian!

Hey Bert... sounds like those Anglican Church League boys could have done with a bit of help from Lydia!

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  1. No woman should be ordained until undergoing a thorough investigation of her sex life. She must be obedient in bed - and not wear LOVABLE knickers. She must publicly give a sordid account in Church of her sexual exploits to win my approval.