Wednesday, February 29, 2012

'A Different Conversation' will be held between some church members and some prominent individuals of the gay community

A forum in Sydney this Mardi Gras weekend will bring together gay community leaders and representatives of Christian churches and organisations, with those involved suggesting that it’s a clear sign that progress is being made in the volatile and hostile space where sexuality meets religion.
The forum, ‘A Different Conversation’, has been organised by Reverend Mick Hercock, pastor of Imagine – a Baptist Church in Surry Hills. Hercock is also the founder of 100 Revs, a group of 100 religious ministers who signed an apology in 2008 to the LGBTI community for the wrongs of the church.

Other Christian leaders who will be involved include Major Paul Moulds from the Salvation Army and Matt Glover who was controversially voted out of the Lilydale Baptist Church in Melbourne recently over his support for marriage equality.

Reverend Rod Benson, the public affairs director of the NSW Council of Churches will also be present as will members of the Social Issues Committee of the Baptist Union of NSW.

Gay community representatives taking part include former Assemblies of God leader Anthony Venn-Brown, who is also the founder of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International as well as long-time gay rights activist, Rodney Croome, and prominent Brisbane-based gay psychologist, Paul Martin.

Venn-Brown said that opening up a dialogue and continuing with it was imperative for both the church hierarchy as well as gay people from Christian backgrounds. Venn-Brown said... As I see it, the enemy is not individuals, churches or political parties; the enemy is ignorance.

So are Archbishops Jensen and Pell members of the 100 Revs?

Of course not...that would involve compassion! Pell's too busy denying climate change ...and Jensen is watching the outcomes of his direct contribution to the persecution of gays and lesbians in the Uganda.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sydney Anglican, Steve Kryger, is sick of comedians laughing at religion

Yes but you've got to agree Sydney Anglicans provide some pretty good material!

Sydney Anglican Steve Kryger, can't understand why comedians are a common sight at atheist rallies. For atheists, religion seems to provide no end of potential comedic material...My question for atheists today is this: do you think the incessant mockery and smug ridicule benefits your cause?...I’ve been to more than my fair share of Christian conferences. I’ve never attended a single conference where those of other beliefs (atheists or otherwise) were the subject of ridicule.

So it is true what they say about Sydney Anglicans... they are delusional!

Women ...Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

Now you lot of ladies... I'm sure I could come up with a sermon on tights!

Sydney Anglicans have posted as breaking news, an article published in The Guardian, that features Cof E women who can only talk about "tights" with women priests. Some of the C of E complementarian women expressed concerns about women bishops...

I want to serve under a male bishop...Jesus's chose only male apostles and the fact that other, major Christian denominations have not introduced female clergy as evidence to support my belief... I need male-only structures that will "protect" me from women bishops... Terms such as sexist or misogynist is reducing a complex theological matter to terms of hatred and negative feelings... at synod, when my path crosses with women priests, during tea breaks and toilet breaks, we talk as women do, woman to woman, about tights... The C of E does not have the authority to make that change, the C of E is just one small part of the worldwide church. If this was the will of God, the rest of the church would have to have agreed and gone ahead together... A priest represents God to the people and a male priesthood is a gift that helps us to understand God. Having a woman in that role makes it just that little bit harder to have that relationship... It's like a woman playing a man's role on stage. They have to work that bit harder to be convincing.

I've seen women like this before! Of course women in the Bible rarely are depicted as leaders or apostles... it's as "Nicky says..."women were not allowed to testify in legal proceedings, nor study the Torah, read aloud in synagogues, or to lead Jewish assemblies". Women have spent their time on Earth trying to be regarded as human beings. Do these complementarian women walk around blindfolded or are they just in a time warp? Well complementarians it's ...

Can someone tell Nicky Locke that Sydney Anglican women are supposed to feel a bit ripped off!

Sydney Anglican, Nicky Locke, says that she feels a bit ripped off by the paucity of depictions of female life in scripture. She says that much preaching addresses the relationship of women to their husbands, their role as a mother or their role in the church ministry, but little assists women in significant leadership roles in how to be who they are – women in responsible jobs in charge of large teams of people.

But Nicky ... haven't you heard about Sydney Anglican's Complementarianism one gender may be (in certain circumstances) functionally subordinate to another while remaining ontologically equal.

Nicky goes onto add that one of the difficulties reading the stories of women in the Bible is the context of the time, such as in Jewish society, where women were considered in many ways as inferior beings... just as they are within the Sydney Diocese. Moore College trains women to aspire to subordination as these Moore College bimbos demonstrate with some of their comments...

When we're talking about ordination to the priesthood, it's actually quite a narrow form of ministry. Opportunities for women are much broader than that...The main issue is God’s word - it’s a matter of theology, not practical expediency... We can get caught up in the gender debate and miss the importance of the authority of scripture in the life of the Christian...advocating for women's ordination undermines the ministry that's already going on in Sydney...The more opportunities there are, the less women's ordination becomes an issue...I don't want to be locked into being a rector.

That's right girls... the path of ordination provides such a lack of opportunities...that's why I chose to be ordained.

Nicky goes on to admire Lydia who she says ...seems to be one of those exceptional women: a business woman and prayerful woman.

Merve...I thought the Anglican Church boys would have blacked out Lydia's name, in those ESV Bibles... or at least branded her a lesbian!

Hey Bert... sounds like those Anglican Church League boys could have done with a bit of help from Lydia!

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Anglican Bishop of Gippsland defends appointment of openly gay priest... to a parish in Gippsland, Victoria

Contrary to the opinion of David Ould,who has become an avid reader of The Sydney Star Observer, John McIntyre, the Anglican Bishop of Gippsland has defended his decision to appoint an openly gay priest to a local parish, saying he has acted appropriately. The ABC reports that Bishop John McIntyre, says his decision to appoint Reverend David Head, who formerly held a position within a Melbourne parish, to the parish of Heyfield is in line with the policy of his diocese.

Bishop McIntyre's decision was criticised by a group of bigots at the Anglican Church League who, according to reports, had claimed that the appointment was in conflict with a resolution made at the Anglican Bishop's 1998 Lambeth Conference.

Bishop McIntyre said... I see myself simply as having appointed to a position in this diocese a person who was, to use the formal language, 'a priest in good standing in his previous diocese...the Gippsland diocese had a policy of welcoming gay and lesbian people and he himself had declared that policy in a speech to his synod last year...The policy of this diocese as I understand it is to be inclusive and welcoming of gay and lesbian people and...I will continue to welcome gay and lesbian people into the life of this diocese confident that God is at work in and through all those who are open to the call of God in their lives and wanting to offer ministry in the life of our churches.
Jack, I've told you before...people like those members ofthe sydney Anglican Church League do not give a rat's about the mistreatment of members of the GLBTI community. The only thing that matters to them is to eradicate us from their world...and they turn a blind eye to any autrocities inflicted upon GLBTI people.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Anglican Mainstream calls for PM, Mr Cameron , to be refused Holy Communion

David, why don't you do what we do downunder.... don't celebrate communion! Sydney evangelicals don't place much importance on that sacrament.... they want lay people to administer it... so David, nip those blackmailers in the bud and implement Sydney Anglicanism... then you can administer communion to yourself!

Anglican Mainstream is calling for the Prime Minister to be refused communion for his sin of legalising same-sex marriage. As the article points out... The diocesan bishop is ultimately responsible for Holy Communion discipline. The minister of the church where Mr Cameron takes Christ’s sacrament urgently needs to confer with his or her Ordinary as to whether the Prime Minister’s move to redefine God’s created institution of man-woman marriage constitutes ‘grave and open sin without repentance’.

I agree... who needs the Pope when you've got Julian Mann?

Hey listen girls ... has someone been impersonating David Ould in the comments section of Cramer's Curate ...or has David Ould actually married a divorcee... and in his circumstances it's OK?

Sydney Anglicans are being encouraged to read the Bible for themselves...

Be careful what you wish for...
Sydney Anglican, Michael Kellahan, has finally realised that Sydney Anglicans have no system at church for encouraging people to read the bible for themselves because they are so brain dead after listening to endless sermons by Phillip Jensen.
Michael says Sydney Anglicans struggle and struggle against biblical illiteracy -so Michael is trying a different system this year and at his church:
1. people will be asked to read the Bible for 20 days
2. adhere to a bible plan
2. parents will be asked to sign up to the children's program to help the children with their homework on Jensenism
5. and in the spirit of Jensenism, there will be a focus on the Old Testament to develop an understanding of creationism and complementarianism.
6. people will be interviewed from the front of church about how their bible reading is going and how it is changing them... to ensure so no one turns up to church

Michael says there is lots of anecdotal support for these initiatives. More people seem to be reading their bibles. More after church conversations seem to be over what people are reading during the week. I’m being asked questions that come out of personal reading.

Do Sydney Anglicans use anecdotal evidence when planning their investment strategies?

The Sydney Diocese is on route to collect taxes from fund Jensen's mission

Phillip Jensen has headed a conference on the future funding of diocese. That's because Sydney Anglicans gambled all their money on the stock exchange. He called on his Anglican Church League heavies, Bruce Ballantine Jones and Mark Thompson to give him a hand. The key points of the conference included:
1. Phillip Jensen cautioning people against the 'politics of suspicion' ...don't be suspicious about the same leadership taking money from parishes to continue to fund bigotry...when the mission has already put the Sydney Diocese, $160 million, in the red!
2.organising a process of taxing parishes to fund the Jensen's mission. Bruce Ballantine-Jones added ... While nobody likes paying taxes any fair‐minded person would accept that if there are not enough funds available from the DE and other endowments to do what the Synod wants to do, the parishes must pay the difference.

Did you ask me what I think? Well I'd think those Anglicans should stop flogging a dead horse... the mission has failed...time get rid of those incompetent gamblers and get in some new blood!

Rev says 'Sorry' to members of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir when they performed at St Marks South Hurstville

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir (SGLC) performed at South Hurstville’s St Mark’s Anglican Church in what was the first of a series of concerts to be held at the church in 2012. At the conclusion of the performance the Rector, Chris Albany apologised to choir members for the hurtful role the church has played in marginalising same-sex attracted people.

Well it's nice to know there are some decent people in the church because if you treated animals the way some church members have treated gays and lesbians... the RSPCA would have them in court.

Oh but Chris Albany is an unusual Sydney Anglican... he actually thinks that women are his equal! I hope David Ould doesn't call for Rev Albany's sacking.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Melbourne Anglicans tackle the social issue of religion and the "priviledged past " of men... and it's subsequent effects on women.

Yes he crossed the line when he made me feel inferior. I was much smarter than most of the males in my class but I wasn't allowed to preach in front of them because I was a woman. Jesus wouldn't have excluded me... He would have included me, even back then, in a culture that is similar to contempory Sydney Anglicanism!

An article posted by Melbourne Anglicans calls upon religions to stop “privileging the past” so a future can be built in which women are no longer threatened by men.
The Revd Scott Holmes said that eventhough there is variety among faiths, and within faith traditions, promoting respectful relationships was “incredibly challenging”...because common to all faiths was the “Privileging of the Past”. He called upon the faith community to start looking to the future where the wellbeing of women is no longer threatened by the violence of men.

Didn't Phillip Jensen write something recently about wellbeing...and how it came at a cost? As a Sydney Anglican, I know how to ensure my wellbeing!

Statistics from the article state that:
1. One in three Australian women experience physical violence from an intimate
partner in their lifetime;
2. One in five Australian women experience sexual violence in their
3. More than half the recorded homicides in Australia are women killed by their
current or former partners; and
4. Intimate partner violence is the leading contributor to ill-health, death
and disease for women aged 15 to 44 in Victoria – more than smoking, obesity,
heart disease or alcohol use.
Ms Renee Imbesi, the Program Manager for Preventing Violence Against Women from VicHealth’s Participation and Equity for Health Unit said faith leaders had the potential to be role models in efforts to strengthen the values of respect and gender equality in the community.

Has Ms Renee Imbesi checked out the culture within Sydney Anglican Diocese... if you relied on them to as role models for society gender equality, then Australia would be aparthied! Men in this diocese clap, cheer, hoot and slap each other on the back when one of their women gets up and reaffirms her subservience. Women advocating equal rights were purged from the diocese and their ideology replaced with this!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Psychiatrist and Dean, Phillip Jensen talks about the price Sydney Anglicans pay for well being

Below : Young Sydney Anglicans trading rationality for wellbeing !

Phillip Jensen joins a prominent atheist, psychiatrist, and economist in identifying the underlying contributing factors to a state of well being.
Atheist Alain de Botton·says... Being made to feel small by something amazing – religious people would call that God, but you could call that the universe or nature or the ocean – it has a really calming effect on us, and we don't do it enough. We tend to live in cities, where the achievements of other humans dominate, and where we slowly lose our minds to envy and anxiety until something can just pull us out and reintroduce a wider timeframe and a wider sense of space.
Psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed wrote ... For all our freedom and wealth, one of the key difficulties of life in the modern West - where tradition, religion and community have been so horribly stripped bare - is making sense of our lives when there are so few rules about how to live
Economist Ross Gittins wrote ...psychologists have moved from the therapeutic model of seeing their discipline as helping the disabled, to a ‘positive’ model of helping everybody’s wellbeing.
And Dr Phillip Jensen says that people... must lose their rationality...there is no rational basis for is the “fear of the Lord that is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 9:10).

Yeah well look at me...I'm at the bottom of the wellbeing scale since I left Sydney Anglicanism...but being told I was evil because I was gay didn't help.

Phillip... I think you are missing the point... well balanced lives help develop a good sense of wellbeing. An obsessive focus on religion is equally as damaging as an obsessive focus on work and money.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir to sing for the 1st time in an Anglican Church in Sydney

As reported by the Sydney Star Observer...The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir (SGLC) will perform this Sunday, February 26, 3pm, at South Hurstville’s St Mark’s Anglican Church as the inaugural performance of Songs of Freedom, a series of concerts to be held at the church in 2012. Church rector Chris Albany said....At St Mark’s, music has been inspired by a great many musicians for more than 50 years... St Mark’s seeks to be an open inclusive community which welcomes people regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation or religion. As such, St Mark’s is pleased to be able to host one of Sydney’s finest choirs. It is important to celebrate God’s creativity and the musical gifts of people.
The SGLC is a non-auditioned choir which welcomes members regardless of their sexual identity or musical experience. It has been performing for more than 20 years.

I dunno Ennis... those gay and lesbian people sounded pretty good singing

Yeah Jack...and if they sound so good singing, then they must sound OK preaching...and singing country and western!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sydney Star Observer reports of a spat between The Sydney Anglican Church League and Anglicans over the appointment of an openly gay priest

Sydney Star Observer reports of an interstate spat that has erupted between Anglicans, when David Ould expressed outrage at a gay Anglican priest being appointed to a parish. The situation escalated when the Sydney-based evangelical Anglican Church League (ACL) attacked the Diocese of Gippsland in Victoria, calling for the priest's resignation.

The ACL called on Gippsland Bishop John McIntyre on February 12 to rescind the appointment of the Reverend David Head as Hayfield parish priest, calling the decision “dismaying”.

The ACL claimed the appointment conflicted with a resolution made at the Anglican Communion’s 1998 Lambeth Conference and the views of the General Synod of the Australian church.

“Appointments like this put unwanted strain and tension upon relationships between the various dioceses of the Anglican Church of Australia. It also contributes to the fragmentation of the Anglican Communion,” the ACL statement read.

However, McIntyre told the Star Observer that Head’s appointment was not in breach of the Lambeth ruling or the General Synod, neither of which condone the ordination of gay clergy, because he hadn’t ordained Head.

“I have not ordained anyone ‘involved in same gender unions’ to quote the [Lambeth] motion,” McIntyre told the Star Observer. “I have appointed a priest in good standing from the Diocese of Melbourne to a position in the Diocese of Gippsland.

“He was ordained over 30 years ago, has exercised good and faithful ministry in that diocese up until January this year, and he fulfils all the current criteria to be determined canonically fit to be licensed in an Anglican diocese anywhere in the world.

“The same can be said in relation to the suggestion I have ignored the advice of the resolution of General Synod 2004 which states ‘this general Synod does not condone the ordination of people in open committed same sex relationships’. I have not done that.”

McIntyre said his diocese never asked about the sexuality of clergy before ordaining or appointing them.

“Accordingly, I did not ask that question of David before appointing him. He was appointed by me on the request of the people of the parish in which he now serves because they believed his ministry experience and gifts made him the right priest for the job, and they believed him to be called by God to that ministry, as do I.”

McIntyre said he took Lambeth Resolution 1.10 very seriously as it also calls on Anglicans to condemn homophobia, minister sensitively to homosexual people, and assure that homosexual people know they are loved by God.

Sydney Archbishop Peter Jensen is the vice-president of the ACL and leads the global faction within the Anglican Communion which has threatened to split the church over the issue of homosexuality.

Say Ennis... maybe Changing Attitudes Australian can get a group of LGBTI people together to attend a church service at the Anglican Church in Neutral Bay... it's an approach that's being used in Newcastle !

Anglican Mainstream is angered that the UK is targeting parents who are racist and homophobic

My parents read Anglican Mainstream and they told me never to listen to the stories of those who have been hurt by homophobia because I might develop some empathy and learn to read the bible instead of decode it.

Anglican Mainstream reports that the behaviour of Britain's primary and secondary schools students is being monitored; in an attempt to curb racist, homophobic or transphobic attitudes in the playground. AM reports that prejudical behaviour will formally be recorded on a computer database for analysis and persistent unacceptable behaviour will receive particular attention. AM says that the real aim is to identify parents who may be teaching their children inappropriate attitudes and creating the ‘bigots’ and ‘racists’ of tomorrow.

How can that boy be educated if he won't listen? But I suppose his father wouldn't listen either. You only have to listen to the terrible stories of what gay men and women have endured to know the church's treatment of them has been appalling.

Is the boy with his hands over his ears related to Mr Sugden ...because he's always having some sort of tantrum on the Anglican Mainstream website

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Correction...Retired priest offends brother of self appointed post-gay expert

Hey Ennis... I thought Fr David Heron posted that David Ould blog... because he was so sick of the legal threats and coersion that he has endured over the past 3 years. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that David Ould was the blogger and the complaintant who blocked his own name out. The blog immediately went from satire to spite.
Yeah you'd think David Ould, being such a prominent writer of such a commercial blog would realise that he is a public figure and his misogynist and homophobic viewpoints would be scrutinised.

Boys you reckon David Ould has been getting those Sydney Anglican segregated gender meetings mixed up and attending the Equip Ministry Wives conferences? Though I have to agree that it was wrong to call Michael Nazir- Ali Michael Nazi-Ali because it's not the Jews that he's concerned about!

Yeah ...I wondered about the blog too. I was concerned that David Heron might suffer legal threats again, in the Courts of the USA, Australia, the UK and California for posting that photo! I remember when he critiqued something written by a very prominent writer, blogger and post-gay expert and used his photo...the same photo that was posted on the Sydney Anglican Church League website, and was quickly removed from the site before the legal threats were issued.

Lord Carey describes marriage equality as cultural vandalism'

Silly me... and I thought this was cultural vandalism!

Lord Careyhas become the public face for Coalition for Marriage, which is actually 'Coalition Against Marriage Equality'. The 'Coalition Against Marriage Equality' has become Anglican Mainstream's favourite site, second only to porn, and it is launching a campaign to halt attempts to redefine marriage. Carey says the government does not have the right to legalise gay marriage. Carey is baffled that a concervative can support gay marriage, unlike the conservative bigots at Anglican Mainstream. Carey went onto say... The state does not 'own' the institution of marriage. Nor does the church... but never the less he does want the church to dictate to the rest of society... however the UK population think differently with 79.86% in favour of same-sex marriage.

Brisbane filmmakers uncover the hidden world of Australia's Reparative Therapy

Sydney Star Observer posts that some Brisbane filmmakers have uncovered the hidden world of Australia’s reparative therapy (or ex-gay) movement in a groundbreaking documentary to be screened in Sydney this weekend. 'The Cure' follows the stories of several ‘ex-gay survivors’, including the gut-wrenching story of 23-year-old Ben Gresham who was 16 when he entered a Christian counselling program to help him ‘conquer’ his homosexuality. He attempted suicide several times.Speaking to current and former members of ex-gay programs, The Cure looks at the psychological harm caused to people who enter programs believing they can overcome their homosexuality.

Showing at Mardi Gras’ Queer Screen at Cinema Paris, Sunday, February 26, 2.30pm. Click here for tickets.
Also Screening at Melbourne Queer Film Festival at ACMI, March 24 and Brisbane Queer Film Festival at the Powerhouse, April 14.

And then there is the Sydney Anglican cure where same-sex attracted people are likened to evil Gollum and his ability to let go of the evil ring.

It's good to see Sydney Anglicans have put a lot of research into their program. I'm in favour of scaring the beJesus out of someone too! A bit of trauma never hurt anyone! I wonder if the Jensen patriarchy would let Haydn near one of their family members if same-sex orientation was evident?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

To Pun or not to Pun...that is the question

Hey mum...Why has that Sydney Anglican lady got a bag over her head?

Well darling... when you're a Sydney Anglican women you are expected to stop thinking for's a bit like surrendering your mind... and learning to jump through the hoops of submission, as signalled by the ringmaster.. and if the ringmaster tells you to put a bag over your head, then you do it!

I'm confused...which bit of "owning a Korean wife" and calling the same woman "a trained gorilla" is to be commended?

Son...You must listen to Phillip's not about the' wife' ... it's about the husband and the limitations he puts on her through submission. This raises him into a position of headship over his wife, where she is no longer his equal but someone for him to defend. It's no longer about her self esteem, her beauty and her body image ... it's about how he sees her, thus stripping her of HER right to determine if she is as pretty as Jennifer Hawkins

Ex priest offends self appointed post-gay expert 20 times

Retired priest David Heron has had his name added to the honours list for being able to offend an unnamed, self appointed post-gay expert on himself.

What... offending an evangelical only 20 times! Don't evangelicals offend someone every time they open their mouths?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Finally... a woman features on the Sydney Anglican Church League website

It takes a certain kind of woman to feature on the Sydney Anglican Church League website... Jane Tooher is that special kind of woman. A woman who devotes her time, to encouraging women to remain submissive to men. She sits at the head of the women's pecking order, teaching women about modesty and humility, so feminism doesn't rare it's ugly head within the Sydney Diocese. As David Ould explains in his article on a gay priest in the Gippsland region; the way to maintain control is by expelling all threats to solidarity. Jane's brief is to ensure women at Moore College don't ask about the discriminative standards that apply in ministry. However, Jane has dabbled in other areas as well, when she revamped the Sydney Diocese' LCMI's oppressive LGBTI agenda, prior to Haydn Sennitt being deputised.
Sydney Anglican Complementarian woman like Jane, concern themselves with issues like women's submission, humility and modesty but ignore the sexist history of this diocese, the role the current upper management played in that history, and it's current sexual politics. Sexual politics that parallels black sexual politics that is seen as the "new racism". Sexual politics that...places extreme value on limiting views of the role of the male and the role of the female, and also on the role of appropriate and socially acceptable sexual behavior works to deny LGBT people their agency, and prevents honest dialogue people, but also of heterosexual women and men, oppressed by views of sexuality about different types of sexual lifestyles. This can work to the oppression of LGBT which limit their sexual expression, and thus limit the space for them to talk about their lifestyles in a way that breeds honesty, self affirmation and prevents the spread of disease.

Dear Jane,
I know Sydney Anglicans have groups to oppress women and gays, but do you have a group that might help me? You see, I didn't learn humility and modesty from you because I learnt it from my husband. I find it really hard to meet his standards of submission...
1. I can't keep the cupboards to his liking; clean and ordered after the children have been in them.
2. I can't dress in a way that is acceptable to him, so he doesn't call me a slut, and accuse me of having an affair.
3. I can't speak to him in a manner that doesn't make him angry and hit me because it's my fault
4. I can't talk to anyone because he likes to keep me isolated, and if I tell another evangelical why I have a black eye, it might get back to him.
Jane, I won't give you my identity incase he finds out that I've spoken with you because he might have to ruin your reputation to protect himself...and Jane I can't leave him because I have no friends outside evangelicals, and evangelicals and my family think he is a good husband.

What... is he one of those delusional evangelicals who uses that linear trinity theory to demand subordination?

The Ugley Vicar tals about collegiality verses conscience

The Ugley Vicar is concerned about Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam breaking the ranks of collegiality with other bishops, in his support for same-sex marriage. The UV fears that Holtam's actions might cause other bishops to vote with their conscience and vote to appoint Lord Voltemore as the next bishop.

OK...who told you I was gay? You can find someone else for the bishop's job because I'm not leaving Australia unless you let me bring my house elf.